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internet security

At Commerce Bank Texas, the security of your online information is a high priority. We want to protect the personal and financial information you've entrusted with us. We would like explain how we protect the security of your online information.

Commerce Bank Texas offers online banking and bill pay services to our customers. These services allow you to access your account information through an authentication process, which uses personal access codes and passwords. We employ a number of measures to provide these services in a secure manner. These measures allow us to properly authenticate your identity when you access our services and protect your information as it traverses the Internet between your computer and Commerce Bank Texas. Our security measures must rely on these access codes remaining confidential. We strongly recommend that you do not share these access codes and passwords with others. Certain third party providers such as bill pay and bill presentment sites, financial aggregator sites, brokerage sites or other e-commerce sites may offer to provide services to you by accessing your accounts using your access codes and passwords. While it is your decision whether or not to use these services, please be advised that we cannot be responsible for the security and accuracy of the information displayed to you anywhere but at the Web site.

For information about privacy, please read our Privacy Notice.

For more information about Online Banking Fraud Prevention, please read our Best Practices.

We also recommend the use of virus detection software that can ensure your computer is free from known viruses. We encourage you to check frequently for updates to your virus-detecting programs and install updates as necessary. Concerned consumers can keep abreast of security issues by visiting Microsoft's Security Advisor Web site or the Privacy Partnership Web site.

With enhanced interactive content and online security, we feel that your cooperation and use of these browsers, in conjunction with practicing good computer sense, will provide you with a safe and secure way of enjoying the great convenience and security of banking online at